The Kelli Show with Kelli Tennant Moore:

She Thrives: Life After Cancer, Abuse, & A Cult with Uma Chatterjee

Uma was interviewed on Top 50 Podcast The Kelli Show with Kelli Tennant Moore! Here are the podcast show notes:

Uma Chatterjee, a board-certified Mental Health Peer Specialist & neuroscience graduate student, has already lived so many lives in her 25 years. Today you’ll hear her story of joining a religious cult at 14, getting diagnosed with cancer at 22, and the gaslighting she experienced after sexual abuse. Even after such extreme circumstances, she radiates joy and has found purpose in helping others as a practicing Mental Health Peer Specialist & a neuroscientist in training. Get ready to feel inspired by the way Uma has pulled herself up, out, and through.

Today on The Kelli Show:

• How seeking answers at 14 y.o. led her to a religious cult

• What Uma learned about identity & self-worth after cancer diagnosis

• Learning to trust herself after gaslighting & abuse

• Deciding to choose life in intense suffering

• Uma’s journey into neuroscience, mental health peer support, and psychedelic research

The Unbounded Podcast with Liz Justine

Uma on episode 12 of the Unbounded Podcast with Liz Justine

Uma was interviewed on the Unbounded Podcast with Liz Justine, Episode 12: Building Self Trust, Releasing Resistance, & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs! In this episode, Liz & Uma discussed several topics, including:

  • Uma’s survivorship story with cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic illness & mental health
  • Building self-trust
  • The variability of healing/recovery journeys
  • The difference between resistance & dissonance (when something isn’t in alignment for you)
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & generational stories 
  • The importance of following your intuition on your healing/personal development journey
  • The neuroscience behind changing your beliefs