The Cancer Thriver Collective

Welcome to the Cancer Thriver Collective!

The Cancer Thriver Collective (CTC) is a global mental health peer support group system for cancer survivors. It is for cancer thrivers of all ages, diagnoses, and walks of life to connect with and support each other in a deep, intimate, accessible and one-of-a-kind setting, facilitated by Uma, a board-certified Mental Health Peer Specialist.

Uma founded the CTC as a byproduct of her own journey with cancer. After being diagnosed in 2019 at 22 years old, Uma felt the deep isolation that comes from living through/with cancer. Uma was faced with the truth that, contrary to popular belief, cancer does not end with treatment; Cancer is an experience that imprints onto the fabric of a survivor’s life through scanxiety, facing one’s mortality, losing trust in one’s body, the fear of recurrence, and so much more that, frankly, can only be understood through the lived experience of it.

So, Uma decided to create and facilitate a space of safety, understanding, sharing, supporting, and healing through a community of deeply connected, understanding peers – and thus, the Cancer Thriver Collective was born! Uma then went on to become a fully board-certified Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS), to serve the CTC in the greatest capacity possible.

The CTC is a beautiful example of the power of being truly understood in your experience, ending isolation, sharing openly, and allowing yourself to be supported by peers who validate & honor your experience through the safety and power of mental health peer support. The power of healing in a deeply invested & trusted community is unparalleled, and the CTC is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to feel unconditionally understood & supported.

The Cancer Thriver Collective includes:

  • Bi-weekly mental health peer support circle calls, facilitated by Uma*
  • Mental health peer support in between calls via group & private message*
  • Monthly themes/topics on topics relevant to the cancer experience
  • Monthly journal prompts on topics relevant to the cancer experience
  • Endless support from a small, invested, intimate group of survivors
  • Access to the CTC online support community*
  • All call replays/recordings*
  • And much more, as this space grows & evolves!

*All hosted on a fully comprehensive & HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform(s)